Ribbon Wine Rack


Alessi, 2015

The Ribbon wine rack is both a storage device and an object for the table display of fine wines. Inspired by the Mobius loop, single strips of stainless steel are joined at each end to form a loop. The sides of this loop are then twisted upwards to form a delicate cradle which supports as it weaves itself around the bottle. Each row of curved loops is then mirrored vertically, creating a stacked display system which connects and twists its way through the bottles - wrapping and embracing fine wines like a ribbon embellishing a gift. Ribbon therefore alludes to and accentuates the anticipation of discovery and of surprise.


Client: Alessi
Location: Omegna-Crusinallo, Italy
Description: Wine rack
Materials: Staineless Steel with different finishes
Status: Completed
Photos: ©Alessandro Milani, Courtesy Alessi

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