School of Design


Kowloon, Hong Kong, 2007

The design is based on a radial lay-out, arranged around two central cores that house the vertical circulation for fast access to each floor. The cores contain elevators, emergency exit stairways and service spaces. Each floor consists of two circular plates placed on split-levels. These circular floor plates are connected with stairways and sloping walkways around a central vertical void, where connecting bridges provide the ‘slow transportation’. The façade incorporates different scales and openings, each related to the program and activities inside as the continuous white walls follow the internal connections. Elongated windows in the façade and roof indirectly light the rest of the building. The building is designed for long term sustainability and its integrated design incorporates concepts of natural ventilation, energy efficiency, and day-lighting.

Client: Polytechnic University Hong Kong
Location: Kowloon, Hong Kong
Building surface: 27.000 m2
Building volume: 5.200 m2
Programme: School of Design building
Status: Competition design (June – Aug 2007)


Ben van Berkel, Astrid Piber with Adolfo Nadal, Mieneke Dijkema and Juergen Heinzel, Hanka Drdlova, Yu-Chen Li, Margherita del Grosso, Christian Schmit

Executive Architect: Ronald Lu & Partners
Ove Arup & Partners
Landscape Consultant: EDAW

Visualisation: rendertaxi, Aachen