Seating Stones


Walter Knoll, 2012

Inspired by the rhythmic smoothness of geological formations, the sculptural Seating Stones exhibit a playful take on spatial awareness and versatility, presenting myriad possibilities for placement, color, texture, arrangement and communication.
Seating Stones are designed as individual objects and can be used autonomously. However they can also be placed side by side as a family of forms in a variety of configurations. They can be placed together, either to accommodate privacy or to invite communication.
Seating Stones offer a diversity of options for placement; from offices, waiting rooms, lobbies and meeting spaces to use in the home.
Inspired by the bright and varied natural fabrics produced by the Incas of Latin America, Seating Stones can be upholstered in a wide variety of fabrics and colours. Furthermore, the fabric types and colours can be mixed, creating different appearances and textures in each element, or in a grouping of individual seats. The fabrics of the Seating stones can therefore reference a simple, individual stone, or alternatively can resemble a mixed formation of richly coloured minerals. 


Client: Walter Knoll
Location: Herrenberg, Germany
Description: Seating elements
Size/s: w x l x h: 1596 x 876 x 800
Materials: Body:steel frame and PU Foam, upholstered.
Seat Comfort by belts
Status: Completed
Photo #1: ©Pim Top
Remaining photos: courtesy Walter Knoll - ©HG Esch & Joachim Grothus

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