Shenzhen Mix C+


Shenzhen, China, 2016

In Shenzhen MixC+ the client envisaged a new business platform where fresh, healthy ingredients from certified farmers are made accessible to consumers in the city. The ambition of this milestone development is to promote healthy food consumption and improve knowledge surrounding food ingredients in China.
The project features mainly food-focused experiential programmes, including an 8,000m2 gourmet food hall, a 4,000m2 seafood hall, alongside organic markets, culinary retail and gourmet restaurants. Additionally, a mix of a total of 7,000 m2 incubating space and 74,000 m2 office space is introduced for start-ups and cross industry collaboration.  Lifestyle programmes such as fitness centres, entertainment, retail and F&B are dispersed throughout the development in a user friendly atmosphere.
In order to create an experience-oriented development, the design proposes a hybrid architecture of a traditional market hall and a conventional shopping centre. It is designed as an architectural platform to accommodate all related activities in one destination: a new type of space where highly performative food activities are used as building blocks to create social bonds. Visitors are encouraged to eat, learn and play with fresh food ingredients, cooking experiences and entrepreneurial innovations.

The direct process of “from farm to table” also relies heavily on an outstanding food distribution centre. With the highest efficiency this centre serves as the logistic link connecting fresh ingredient suppliers to the dinner table of the mass population. Adaptation of the internet of things technology enables supply monitoring and pre-sorting processes along the logistic chain. As a result, ingredients will be dispatched, handled and eventually presented to consumers in various formats in a short space of time, while remaining remarkably fresh.


Client: Shenzhen China Resources Land
Location: Shenzhen, China
Building surface: GFA = 294,620 m2
Building site: 28,847 m2
Programme: Food hall shopping mall, office tower
Status: Competition entry


UNStudio: Ben van Berkel, Caroline Bos, Astrid Piber with Mo Ching, Ying Lai and Tiia Vahula, Shuang Zhang, Lars van Hoften, Ningzhu Wang, Vissarion Naoum, Natalia de Andres Marcos