SMART apartment building


Hilversum, Netherlands, 2000–2004

The Smart apartments building is a design in which working, living, private atmosphere and public space come together. The organization of the apartments operates between the urban- and the architectural scale. It’s about the flexible co-existence and integration of daily living- and working situations within one system. The system needs to accommodate and proliferate new lifestyles and work styles by following the slogan: we live and work wherever and whenever we are.

Client: Bouwfonds Woningbouw regio Noord-West
Location: Hilversum, the Netherlands
Program:me Apartment building
Status/phase: Design 2004


Ben van Berkel with Igor Kebel, Marc Prins, Marcel Buis, Julia Lorenz, Ger Gijzen, Erik Kauffman, Aad Krom, Tanja Koch, Boudewijn Rosman