Star Network Exhibition


Netherlands Architecture Institute, Rotterdam, 2004 United Architects

As a rail-linked network of postal distribution facilities, the EKP sites represent an ideology of efficiency through connectivity, with the future for the EKP’s requiring a radical and long term vision. This project revives the 12 Sternet sites as a new network of ‘Superliving’ high-rises, raising the profile of the cities and creating a new skyline. Thus a new map of the Netherlands emerges. Each of the Sternet towers is based on the same principle; the rotational transformation of stacked floors. Rotating the plates results in varying interstitial spaces, which can be programmed to different uses. Shifting views and orientations lead to greater choice for individual users.

Client: NAI, Rotterdam
Location: NAI, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Programme: Research study / exhibition design
Status/phase: Realized August 2004


Ben van Berkel, Caroline Bos, Gerard Loozekoot with Christian Veddeler, Machteld Kors and Michaela Tomaselli, Joanna Coleman, Louis Gadd

Greg Lynn FORM (Los Angeles): Greg Lynn with Florencia Pita, Jackilin Hah, Chris Kabatsi and Deborah Chiu
Kevin Kennon Architects (New York): Kevin Kennon with Pablo Jendretzki, Ryan Harvey, Taylor Aiken and Keith Tsang
Imaginary Forces (Los Angeles/ New York): Mikon van Gastel and Peter Frankfurt with Tali Krakowsky