Tea House on Bunker


Vreeland, Netherlands, 2004–2006

The two bunkers are additions made in 1936 to the nineteenth century New Dutch Water line of defense; an 85km long protective garland of military objects combined with an intricate water management system which enabled the inundation of land in case of attack. For a number of years they have formed part of an estate that is slowly being developed as a mixture of high-end business and sporting facilities. Stables and polo fields form the core of the estate. The structure on top of the first bunker is intended as a business retreat. It consists of a single, large room with some elementary facilities. The seamless, stainless steel façade is orientated towards the polo field with its single window. A glass skylight enforces the smooth, car-like appearance of the structure.

Client: Mr. C. van Zadelhoff
Location: Vreeland, Netherlands
Building area: 80 m2
Programme: Tea house on bunker
Status/phase: Realization phase
Photography: Christian Richters

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