Theatre Agora


Lelystad, Netherlands, 2002–2007

The design of the theatre explores the integration of theatre arts and new media into sculptural form. The building’s envelope is composed of an overlapping multi-faceted surface that, because of perforations, creates a moiré or kaleidoscopic effect. Internally the vertical foyer and its grand staircase is designed as an element that carves through the center of the building’s volume, clearly delineating trajectories and orientation with the interconnecting theatres and congress halls.

Client: Municipality of Lelystad
Location: Agoraweg 2, Lelystad, the Netherlands
Building area: 7000 m2
Programme: Theatre with two halls and a multifunctional space, restaurant and bar
Status/phase: Construction phase/ realization January 2007
Photography: Christian Richters

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Ben van Berkel with Gerard Loozekoot, Jacques van Wijk and Job Mouwen, Holger Hoffmann, Khoi Tran, Christian Veddeler, Christian Bergmann, Sabine Habicht, Ramon Hernandez, Ron Roos, Rene Wysk, Claudia Dorner, Markus Berger, Markus Jacobi, Ken Okonkwo, Jorgen Grahl-Madsen

Executive architect: B+M, Den Haag
Theatre technique: Prinssen en Bus Raadgevende Ingenieurs, Uden
Engineering: Pieters Bouwtechniek, Almere Acoustics/Fire strategy: DGMR, Arnhem