Tour Bioclimatique


Paris, France, 2011

The 194m high Tour Bioclimatique office tower was designed as an organising element for the previously disconnected programmatic clusters within the Issy-Les-Moulineaux area of Paris. A typological study was performed to find the most optimal placement on the site resulting in a streamlined plan that gives an optimal basic plan. This basic plan of the building has been further optimised into a smart organisation by utilising software driven form-finding processes which take into account optimal floor area in relation to compact core design, optimal facade length and daylight penetration for the offices. Sustainability is an integral part of the design process as three interconnected entities: passive sustainability which focuses on non-technological parameters such as building efficiency, flexibility and materials; active sustainability which integrates fully the design of technological techniques to advance the operational efficiency and social sustainability which caters on the level of user comfort and the influence of the building on its surroundings on multiple scale levels. Next to building efficiency, flexibility is an equally important factor for ensuring future usability. The floor plan and vertical distribution is designed in such a way that many different tenant scenarios can be realised. The facade functions as a skin for the building that contains all the key factors of a sustainable high-rise building. The concept of the natural ventilated double facade is limited to a height range of 1-4 floors to prevent the risk of overheating, allowing the system to perform to highest standards in all seasons. The building influences the comfort and wellbeing of individuals by incorporating working environments with different qualities, such as communal workspaces, concentration workspaces, lounges, meeting centers, team work centers. By connecting floors through the expanded double facades and by planting these spaces, vertical office gardens can be created to provide pleasant working environments.


Client:   Bouygues Immobilier
Location:  Triangle of streets rue Guynemer, Louis Armand, Colonel Pierre Avia
Building surface: 97.999 m2
Building volume: 194 m high
Building site:  3977.7 m2
Programme:  Office tower
Status:   Competition entry


Ben van Berkel, Caroline Bos with Arjan Dingsté and Marianthi Tatari, Marc Hoppermann, Joerg Lonkwitz, Kristoph Nowak, Aurelie Hsiao, Neil Keogh

Structural Engineer: Bollinger + Grohmann Sarl, Klaas De Rycke