Town hall and Theatre


Ijsselstein, Netherlands, 1996–2000

The building combines the functions of town hall, theatre and grand café on one location in the shape of a kite, with the narrow tail end of the lot facing the former old town centre. The central idea of this design is to draw the sightlines from the town centre deep into the building. From the street one gains a view of the inner courtyard, but as one approaches, the spaces on the first and second floor, where the spectacles of weddings and theatre take place, come into view. Aside from sharing a communal entrance, the town hall and the cultural centre are separate. All facades are dressed in green glass, reflecting the vegetation on the green side and framed by strips of concrete on the urban side.

Client: Muncipality of Ijsselstein
Location: Zenderpark Ijsselstein, The Netherlands
Building area: 3400 m2
Programme: Town hall, theatre, grand cafe and parking
Status/phase: Realized
Photography: Christian Richters


Ben van Berkel, Harm Wassink with Henri Borduin and Jeroen Steur, Oliver Heckmann, Luc Veeger, Casper Le Fèvre, Marion Regitko, Kiri Heiner, Jacco van Wengerden, Aad Krom, Niek Jan van Dam, Karst Duêrmeyer