Waste Disposal Installation


Delft, Netherlands, 1995–2000

The theme of waste-disposal is approached from the point of view of the collected raw materials and the campaign for separating household refuse. The lay-out, determined by the transport movements, is conceived of as a mechanical machine. A plateau separates the delivery ‘up’ from the removal ‘down’, while the shape of the hall represents the transfer movements taking place. The terrain is fenced off by a half transparent fence which is the same height as the plateau. The activities ‘down’ recede into the background and the public ‘above’ has a free view on the river. The entrance to Delft, via the road along the river, is marked by an overhanging conveyor belt while the entrance function of the site is enhanced by a cycle-track designed as a ‘bridge’.

Client: Dienst Beheer en Milieu, Gemeente Delft
Location: Schieweg, Delft, Netherlands
Building area: Gross floor area: 900 m² and 122 m² Volume: 9,900 m³ and 900 m³
Site: 11,000 m²
Programme: Service building, infrastructural landscape, weighbridge for garbage trucks, transfer building for domestic garbage, public recycling depot.
Status/phase: Realized September 2000
Photography: Christian Richters


Ben van Berkel with Freek Loos, Ger Gijzen and Hans Kuypers

Construction: DHV AIB, Amersfoort