Water villas


Almere, Netherlands, 1999–2001

The 48 water villas are situated in an experimentally developed housing area at the periphery of Almere. The concept for the water villas was about creating a living environment with a maximal flexibility to meet individual needs. Each villa consists of a basic package, which can be extended and elaborated depending on personal preferences and lifestyle of the client. The basic package consists of 2 concrete modules of 6 meters in the width, 10 meters in the depth and 3 meters in the height. The first floor is shifted to obtain a roof balcony. An optional package is developed to extend the basic housing type according to individual needs. It offers the possibility to elaborate and increase its volumetric potential.

Client: Visser Bouwmaatschappij B.V., Huizen
Location: Almere, the Netherlands
Building area: 150 m2. Plus one extension 165m2, Plus two extensions 180 m2
Programme: 48 water villas
Status/phase: Realized April 2001
Photography: Christian Richters


Ben van Berkel with Gianni Cito, Henri Snel, Boudewijn Rosman, Alex Jung, Katrin Meyer, Aad Krom, Andreas Bogenschütz, Yuri Werner, KSK Tamura, Jasper Jägers, Stella Vesselinova, Martin Kuitert