Waterfront Towers


Hamburg, Germany, 2010

The two Towers are located in Hamburg Hafen City’s Überseequartier along the banks of the River Elbe as a part of the overall development of Southern Überseequartier. The towers are located at the end of the Überseeboulevard which connects the harbour with the city centre. When viewed from the river, the two Towers act as a landmark and frame one of the waterside entrances to the Überseequartier and the city.
The arrangement of the two towers D1 and 2 and the underlying podium in tower D2 in the direction of the river Elbe continues the block structure of the Southern Überseequartier. In this way the tower ensemble guides sight lines, ensures the rhythmic continuation of the boulevard and opens up views to the waterfront.
The urban scale of the surroundings is reflected in the dimensions of the towers which, by adding rhythm to the staggered positioning of the wharf, demarcate a ‘gateway’ at the end of the boulevard. The urban context of the Southern Überseequartier is referred too by the 360 degree facades of the two towers with entrances and lobbies to the east and west, retail to the north and on grade and elevated outdoor terraces in southern orientation. Both day and evening activation takes place in the podium programme, with Cafes and Restaurants, signaling and promoting urban vitality.


Client: Unibail Rodamco Group
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Porgramme: office towers
Area: total BGF 27,800m2
Height: Tower West 65.5m, Tower East 65.5m
Status: Design Development


Ben van Berkel with Christian Veddeler and Andreas Bogenschuetz, Jaap Baselmans, Panos Chatzitsakyris, Piotr Prokopowicz, Jesse Zweers, Oana Nituica, Philipp  Meise, Thomas Harms, Sebastian Janusz, Emily Yan, Gerben Modderman, Megan Hurford, Vladimir  Ivanov, Bao An Nguyen Phuoc, Andres  Lopez. Adrian  Subagyo, Marko  Vukovic

HPP International Planungsgesellschaft mbH, Düsseldorf

Structural Engineer: WTM Engineers, Hamburg
Fire Engineering: Ökotec, Schwalmtal
Energy Designer: Drees & Sommer, Hamburg
Landscape: Beth Gali SLP - BB+GG Arquitectes, Barcelona
Traffic: Ingenieurgruppe IVV GmbH & Co. KG, Aachen
Facades: Priedemann Fassadenberatung, Berlin
Light Design: Bartenbach GmbH, Aldrans
Building Physics: Müller-BBM GmbH, Hamburg
Sustainability: GREYDOT, Düsseldorf