Wenzhou Vanke Residence


Wenzhou, China, 2016

Wenzhou Vanke Residence is situated at the waterfront of Ou river, the mother river of Wenzhou.  With its uninterrupted views, and great connectivity to the historic city centre, this project is set out to be Vanke group’s milestone development in the region.
The project comprises three high-rise residential towers, two low-rise SOHO towers, and a group of villas.  The site context provides duality in qualities along the north-south axis: waterfront versus historic city, open views versus privacy and landscape versus urban density. UNStudio’s design of the towers reflects this duality and creates unique architectural articulation for each side - hence the smoothness of curtain wall system on the tower north facade, and the texture of balconies on the south. The dual qualities also can be found inside the residential units, where open living rooms with kitchens are located on the north side, while sleeping rooms on the south side overlook a community garden.
Taking inspiration from Ou river, the landscape garden is designed as a fluid network of greenery and pathways.  It acts as the spatial organiser of the towers, soho buildings and villas and as such creates a integrated communal space for the residents to enjoy.


Client: WenZhou Vanke Co., Ltd.
Location: Wenzhou, China
Building surface: 114,105 m2
Building site: 29,835 m2
Programme: High rise housing, Soho housing, Villas
Status: Competition entry


UNStudio: Ben van Berkel , Caroline Bos, Astrid Piber with Mo Ching Ying Lai and Sontaya Bluangtook, Lars van Hoften, Samuel Liew, Arnold Wong, Angela Huang, Haoxiang Yang

Cost evaluation: Langdon Seah Arcadis