Attainability describes the emerging positive effect that occurs when the right balance between economic, social and ecological ambition is found.   

The ASP is committed to the practice of sustainable design. Environmental ambitions, such as economic, social and ecological sustainability, are considered from the initial stages of each project both at a global and local level. UNStudio used the word ‘Attainability’ to signify the financial and social feasibility of sustainable design. Attainability is simply the contraction of the word ‘affordable’ and ‘sustainability’, which also speaks to the inclusive approach embedded within our practice.

The best-case scenario for every design project is achieved when the economic, social and environmental ambitions are brought into balance. It is through attainability that we are able to enhance the design quality of a project because we are balancing our ambitions and are able to invest more in the important design goals. If,for example, the project ambition over-emphasisesthe economic value, then the social and ecological ambitions will be more difficult to achieve and vice versa. Therefore it is always recommended to keep these three ambitions in balance. With the “active and passive circle” as our in-house assessment tool we are able to investigate the defined attainable ambitions of each project more in detail. 

Posted by: UNStudio / Joerg Petri