Designing for the Inventive Economy: Technology + Sustainability

At our Aedes – Designing for the Inventive Economy conference this week we raised 3 questions around the intersections of Technology and Sustainability.  We are asking that our invited participants and others in the community comment below to continue the conversation:

Technology + Sustainability:

Material Technology - If living organisms are the new material, what do future teams look like?

Process / Workflow - Which workflows drive your innovative collaborations? Which production processes drive your innovations?

Quantifiable Sustainability and Well-being - What technologies are acting at different scales of well-being?

Posted by: UNStudio / Rob Henderson

Technology + Sustainability session introduced by Joerg Petri (ASP) and Marc Hoppermann (SPP)


Science and Technology for Sustainable Well-Being

Technology should not be about the advancement of technology just for technology's sake.
It is more about advancing technology in the context of a desire to improve the human condition. This mission necessarily entails attention to the social as well as natural sciences; attention to the embodiment of science in technology through engineering; and attention to the processes through which understandings from the natural sciences, the social sciences, and engineering influence—or fail to influence—public policy.
How does that apply to the field of design and specifically new inventions in the field of architecture? How can new technologies in design enable people to engage and make them aware of their individual contribution? How can Architecture support our needs and give a feeling of value that tends to generate and maintain an atmosphere of confidence? How can we create a positive culture of well-being where everybody is encouraged to contribute and interact? How can architecture curate identity and a sense of belonging?

Joerg Petri

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Joerg Petri