4th UNS Conference : Economy

The brainstorm started with the question ‘How can we create timeless values within different economies?’  We introduced the topic with a short presentation in which we questioned the meaning of economy: its greek root defines it as the careful management of the resources to avoid unnecessary expenditure. In our architectural projects we actively deal with this action by giving it a value and using terminology related to the build-ability of the design, such as attainability, sustainability, flexibility or adaptability.

The topic was carried on in two separate groups and created several compelling concepts.

Given that economic conditions maintain a significant influence on architecture, we are required to anticipate those conditions, designing ‘proactively’ rather than ‘reactively’, so that we act in advance to add value to our design challenges. The communication of those values makes the project stronger and clearer after a thorough value engineering process. Among the many tools, the global-local relationship plays a significant role at UNStudio, cross-breeding different influences and creating precious values.

The relationship between the creation of value and its economy is a negotiation of identities. In the way we approach the project we have a set of criteria as values, and we differentiate them between architectural values and pragmatic values. These negotiations operate via specific knowledge that is understandable as values by the economical actors of the project. This knowledge should be fostered, rethought and strengthened in order to project our approach to an inventive economy and, thereby, arriving at a new position in architecture.

Posted by: UNStudio / Filippo Lodi + Konstantinos Chrysos