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Inventive Materials Platform

The Inventive Materials Platform has been created to engage the development of knowledge involving the ability to develop and adapt existing materials.  This type of material innovation has been pivotal to the dynamics of the changing form and modalities of architecture.  The creative assets developed within the platform and its relationship with UNStudio projects provides a lens for an understanding of the complexity of material science.   

The IMP endeavors to investigate material systems.  That is to understand materials beyond their singular physical properties, and to understand them in relational terms of economics and environmental effect and sustainability.  This investigation includes collecting and developing materials in search of the most sustainable, long-lasting, easy to manufacture and functional materials.  

Even in cases where it is not necessary to invent a completely new material, UNStudio strives to select, adapt, combine and deploy existing materials in a thoughtful and inventive manner. We make every effort to grow inspired and imaginative collaborations with other experts and with manufacturers in the construction industry to push for progress in the field of materials.  

IMP Coordinator: Filippo Lodi

Albert Gnodde
Arjan Dingste
Attilio Ranieri
Bruno Peris
Clare Porter
Cristina Bolis
Derrick Diporedjo
Emily Yan
Ger Gijzen
Hans Kooij
Henk van Schuppen
Jaap-Willem Kleijwegt
Jacques van Wijk
Jae Geun Ahn
Konstantinos Chrysos
Luke Tan
Machiel Wafelbakker
Maud van Hees
Nick Roberts
Patrik Noome
René Toet
Rob Henderson
Roman Kristesiashvili
Sebastian Janusz
Thomas Blundell
Thomas Harms
Thomas van Bekhoven
William de Boer
Alex Tahinos
Wing Tang