ENI - Loose Fit / Long Life

LEED for green office enviroment

The circular shape of the project allows for unique and simple logistics, enhancing internal communication by surrounding a central air garden. The layout is designed for flexibility, which is necessary for the client to their teams in various office units of various sizes within a single floor.

In order to test the flexibility of the plan, two extreme situations are associated with the concept of “loose fit, long life”:
The first situation is characterized by a central area with spaces for open offices, while cell offices are in the extremes of plan. The second option, instead, is the opposite, cell offices in the center and open offices in the extremes. A range of possibilities between the two situations, defines the range of operations of the building.

The circle defines the most efficient circulation, as a circular floor plan has no dead-ends and simplifies way-finding. The width of the plan varies between 16 and 18 meters, guaranteeing optimal quantity of natural daylight in the office spaces, considering the 7m offset from the facade as advised by LEED specifications.

Posted by: UNStudio / Filippo Lodi

Team Filippo Lodi, Frans van Vuure and Deepak Jawahar, Alicia Casals, Hans Kooij, Wendy van der Knijff, Marie Prunault, Machiel Wafelbakker, Patrik Noome, Xing Xiong

Sustainability, Urban, Facade, Structure, MEP, Acoustic, Fire, Food: ARUP, Milan, Italy
Landscape : !melk landscape architecture PC, New York
Mobility: MIC, Milan, Italy
BSM: Experientia, Turin, Italy
Culture-Historic : Dorothea Deschermeier, Mendrisio, Switzerland
Visualization: MIR, Bergen, Norway