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Innovative Organizations Platform

The Innovative Organization Platform has been established to find new answers in reaction to changing programmatic and spatial demands, and to interrogate new types of organizations to create spatial solutions.  Through the analysis of existing typologies and research into new types of organizations and methods, the Platform can strengthen the UNStudio design process and product.   

UNStudio considers organization to be a driving force in the office’s working processes.  This is true for the office structure, design process and for each project.  In this way, organization does not only involved typical architectural programs. The IOP delves into innovative potentials in the overlap of program assemblies with social, cultural and environmental criteria.  By inflecting organization with additional soft parameters we are able to develop more efficient methods and novel spatial configurations. These methods and surprising spatial results help us to anticipate and forecast the coming organizational developments.

IOP Coordinators: Tina Kortmann & Sander Versluis

Adi Utama
Andreas Bogenschuetz
Ariane Stracke
Attilio Ranieri
Clare Porter
Crystal Tang
Daniele De Benedictis
Elizabeth White
Ergin Birinci
Fernando Herrera
Haoxiang Yang
Jan Schellhoff
Jeronimo Mejia
Julia Gottstein
Konstantinos Chrysos
Marianthi Tatari
Maurizio Papa
Michelle Gulickx
Mircea Mogan
Piotr Prokopowicz
Ren Yee
René Rijkers
René Toet
Roman Kristesiashvili
Yszard Rychlicki
Sander Versluis
Sebastian Janusz
Sontaya Bluangtook
Tiia Vahula
Tina Kortmann