UNStudio Dialogue - Designing for the Inventive Economy

June 19th 2013

To complement UNStudio’s exhibition at the Aedes gallery in Berlin, we organised a one day conference entitled Designing for the Inventive Economy. The intention was to gather experts from a myriad of different fields to explore three pairs of topics in relationship to new innovations in culture and in the sciences.

The inventive economy presents the field of architecture with the opportunity to evolve, to re-evaluate itself, to understand the potential for shifts in power structures and as a result, to play an essential role in designing the future. The programme for the day was divided into three main parts; that of Technology and sustainability, Culture and society/ politics, and the third topic grouping is Economics and co-creation.

Introduction presentation: Caroline Bos
Event Moderator: Lucas Verweij

Workshops and presentations:
Jan Wurm
Andreas Gebhard
Gen Sadakane

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At our Aedes – Designing for the Inventive Economy conference this week we raised 3 questions around the intersections of Technology and Sustainability and Economy and Co-creation.  We are asking that our invited participants and others in the community comment via the links below to continue the conversation:

Designing for the Inventive Economy: Technology + Sustainability

Designing for the Inventive Economy: Economy + Co-Creation

Conference overview / trailer

Opening comments and welcome - Designing for the Inventive Economy

Presentation Caroline Bos - On the Verge

Presentation Jan Wurm - Teaming up to Push the Boundaries

Presentation Andreas Gebhard - Newthinking

Presentation Gen Sadakane - Co-Creation Starts with Co-Funding

Results from workshop 1: Technology + Sustainability

Results from workshop 2: Economy + Co-Creation