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Smart Parameters Platform

The Smart Parameters Platform has been instigated to further UNStudio’s approach of architecture as relational. This relational approach involves the thorough integration of what we commonly conceive as separate systems pertaining to the positioning, construction, circulation, cladding, and programming of a building. As a result of this holistic understanding the design and building processes also must be seen as interwoven and connected.

The Smart Parameters Platform manages, maintains and develops the computational tools and processes involved in an integral design and construction process. The knowledge dealt with in the SPP is subject to rapid modification, which gives this Platform a young and energetic character.

Computational design is thus not limited to form-finding for UNStudio, but explicitly encompasses all the parameters involved in the design and building processes of architecture.  

SPP Coordinator: Marc Hoppermann

Albert Gnodde
Alex Tahinos
Alexander Kalachev
Alexandra Virlan
Ayax Abreu Garcia
Bao An Nguyen Phuoc
Dana Behrman
Ergin Birinci
Evangelia Poulopoulou
Fernando Herrera
Gerben Modderman
Harlen Miller
Jae Geun Ahn
Joel Matsson
Juergen Heinzel
Julia Gottstein
Konstantinos Chrysos
Kristoph Nowak
Kyle Tousant
Lieneke van Hoek
Luke Tan
Martin Zangerl
Megan Hurford
Mircea Mogan
Nick Roberts
Oana Nituica
Olga Kovrikova
Patrik Noome
Philipp Meise
Piotr Kluszczynski
Piotr Prokopowicz
René Toet
Samuel Liew
Sontaya Bluangtook
Tiia Vahula
Wael Batal