News - 6 July 2018

UNStudio Asia Completes Keppel Cove Marina & Clubhouse

The Keppel Cove Marina & Clubhouse project has recently been completed by UNStudio Asia. Headed up by responsible partner Hannes Pfau, UNStudio Asia consists of our Shanghai office - with a staff of 40 and 6 running projects - and our Hong Kong office, which has a staff of 15 currently overseeing 3 running projects.

The new Marina at Keppel Cove is located in Zhongshan, in the Guandong Province of China and is situated on the banks of the River Xi. The 50,000 sqm masterplan for the project comprises a marina with direct access to the Xi River, a service building, high-end residential villas and the supporting infrastructure, such as the CIQP building, a bridge, roads and surrounding external dykes. Keppel Cove Marina is the first and only marina with a private port of immigration in all of China.

Ben van Berkel: “The way the wind is guided through the building in order to cool down the interior is also metaphorically articulated in the design. Within the internal wind funnels, it is almost as though you can see the wind swirling around within the architecture that surrounds you.”

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