News - 5 July 2018

Construction underway for campus, Amsterdam

Construction is now officially underway for the new campus on Oosterdokseiland in the heart of Amsterdam.

Oosterdokseiland is one of the largest urban construction projects in Western Europe. And on Thursday July 5th, construction was officially inaugurated on the last vacant plot of land on Oosterdokseiland for the new campus. To launch of the development, a celebration was held at the construction site with Gillian Tans: CEO of, Walter de Boer: CEO of BPD, representatives from the city of Amsterdam, interior architects HofmanDujardin, contractor Züblin, and of course, UNStudio.

Our design for this 72,500m² campus project is complete with public spaces, apartments and sustainable office space for 4,000 employees. In addition, the campus will host a training center for more than 17,000 global employees, and will offer multifunctional facilities that will be available to a wider audience. To make this project happen, it is expected that a total of 2.3 million person-hours will be spent on construction, with an average of 200 people working daily on the site over three years, with 450 people working during peak periods. To give an idea of scale, the foundations of the building consist of 1,200 concrete pillars, which if lined up, would stretch for 20km: the distance between Amsterdam and Haarlem. The amount of steel that will be used for the construction of the campus is equivalent to half an Eiffel Tower.

This campus project, which is set to be completed in 2021, will create an inclusive, hospitable and sustainable work environment for employees, and at the same time create an architectural centre, accessible to all Amsterdammers.