Culture & Commerce

Podcast: The Museum of the Future

Paul Skinner is Creative Director of Tellart, a design studio that combines computation (data, sensors, robotics, networks) with traditional materials (wood, metal, glass, textile and ceramics) to build immersive experiences for governments, museums and brands.
Paul's lecture at UNStudio in Amsterdam focusses on Tellart’s Museum of the Future in Dubai, using it as a base for exploring the future role of the museum in society, as well as that of government and public services more broadly, the commodification of culture and it’s increasingly entangled relationship with commerce. What challenges do museums face today and why is it important that they are sustained? How might digital way-finding and immersive experiences attract new audiences? We’ll explore the role of the designer in tomorrow’s world, the need for visualising and prototyping in order to make futures tangible.
To learn more about Tellart's future scenario toolset, visit our website here:…scenario-toolset