News - 28 July 2018

Watch Caroline Bos' Tedx Talk : Future-proofing the City with Data technology

Future-proofing the City with Data Technology

Data lets us trace human behaviours in the most direct way: Something that architects and urbanists have dreamt of being able to do for years. Is data technology therefore a fantastic tool for designers and architects? Can it help us improve our lives by making sense of the chaos of the city? Or is chaos a fundamental part of city life that should be worked with? These are the questions that Caroline Bos taps into in her TEDx talk at NTUA in Athens.

"Successful city making, I think, means the relationship between vision and chaos."

Caroline explores the question of what design can mean in the age of big data and chaotic cities, taking the example of Amsterdam as a "chaotic" urban space. Looking at ways in which technology and big data can be embedded into the fabric of the city, to improve the wellbeing of its citizens, its governance, and its environment.

“We make the city. We make its chaos, and its vision... We make the solutions.”