News - 13 September 2018

Hardt Hyperloop Hub designs revealed

Yesterday, at the first edition of the HyperSummit in Utrecht, UNSfutures revealed our vision for the modular, sustainable and accessible Hyperloop Hubs: the European Hyperloop stations of the future.
Designed as a series of tessellating components, the hubs can adapt to a range of contexts: city-centre, city edge, or joining to existing infrastructure hubs like airports.
Existing contexts of course mean existing parameters, and the modularity of our design means that Hardt Hyperloop Hubs can knit into any context.

The first edition of the HyperSummit was focused on urgency, research and joint effort, with collaborators and investors speaking about the contributions needed to launch a European hyperloop connection.

Special attention was also paid to the kick-off study of the Hyperloop Implementation Programme (HIP): a study which looks at implementation questions relating to a potential future Amsterdam-Frankfurt Hyperloop line.

"The hyperloop is not only a realistic and viable alternative to flying, it is going to revolutionise travel. It will provide extremely fast travel times with direct connections between cities, enabling completely new ways of working and spending our leisure time, which in turn will lead to a multitude of economic, environmental and knowledge exchange benefits.’ Ben van Berkel, Principal Architect and Founder of UNStudio and UNSense

See more of our Hardt Hyperloop Hub design here, or learn more about Hardt Hyperloop here.