Podcast: UNS Talks about the Future of Mobility: the Cable Car

UNS Talks about the Future of Mobility: The Cable Car

This is the second of two special edition podcast episodes of UNS Talks, in which we discuss the future of mobility, looking at three projects we are currently working on across two alternative forms of public transport. To discuss these themes, we've brought in the people who are behind the designs: Ben van Berkel, the founder of UNStudio and UNSense, Alice Haugh, Futurist, and Milou van Min, Junior Architectural Designer.

This episode focuses on the Cable Car, and its resurgence as a modern form of urban transport in Europe. Urban Density, flexibility, costs, barriers and the designs themselves will be discussed. To do this, we dissect two of our recently released designs for the Gothenburg Cable Car in Sweden, and the IJbaan Cable Car in Amsterdam.
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