UNSKnowledge works as a set of cross-linked communities within UNStudio and UNSense to foster growth and steer interdisciplinary knowledge exchange. We define and construct new ideas, visions and strategies focused on current trends, debates and challenges to provide effective next-generation solutions. As well as providing services to our UNStudio and UNSense colleagues, we provide Research & Development and incubator services to external multidisciplinary collaborators.

We classify our expertise in four categories: Computation, Building Technologies, VR & Media and Social Impact Technologies. These categories are flexible, challenging, driven by design thinking and always cross-pollinate with initiatives within UNStudio and UNSense.

In Computation, we manage, maintain and develop the computational tools and processes involved in an integral design and construction process.

In Building Technologies, we draw inspiration from our architectural projects to develop our bank of active and passive sustainable tools, our understanding of the complexity of material science and our knowledge of the innovative potentials in new spatial configurations.

In VR & Media, we investigate how VR and other immaterial media can be used as a tool to communicate representation, design and concepts.

In Social Impact Technologies, we seek to contribute design solutions for pressing social, cultural and environmental problems facing the contemporary world.

While these topics comprise our current areas of focus, our interests range beyond these fields and encompass bio-based and recycled materials, the circular economy and sensorial design.

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Filippo Lodi

Senior Architect / Associate
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