Podcast | UNS Talks with Afaina de Jong : The Multiplicity of Other

Every few months we like to host a breakfast open to everyone in our office to discuss the issue of Gender in design in an informal way. This time around, we invited Afaina de Jong to join us.
Afaina is an architect, an academic and a cultural entrepreneur who works on the boundary of art and architecture. Having taught in both TU Delft and the Sandberg Institute, Afaina founded AFARAI in 2005: an Amsterdam based architectural agency that specializes in spatial design, taking an intersectional and interdisciplinary approach to design. In her talk, Afaina discusses her architectural practice, her work, her thoughts and her research, as related to otherness, gender and design.

Learn more about Afaina de Jong and her company AFARAI on their website: http://www.afarai.com/