News - 18 October 2018

Dutch Design Week brings UNStudio research to life

At this year’s Dutch Design Week, our PV-module research presents a revolutionary, energy producing cladding material that can transforms buildings into batteries.

During this years’ Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, Dutch Solar Design presents a revolutionary new cladding material that combines high production of solar energy with visual design aesthetics. The application of this cladding material onto the façades and surfaces of buildings creates opportunities for energy production in the built environment on a large scale. With this technology buildings in the future will become batteries that provide the energy needed for their own use and more. Their full-colour design prints make these panels not only smart and efficient but also visually attractive.

Their solar panel is built up of several layers: one photovoltaic layer that produces the solar energy and a full-colour printed, sustainable design layer that can be customized by the client. John van Roosmalen (Research & Technology, Solar Visuals) says: “The panels are available in different sizes, colours and prints. We continuously look for the right strategic balance between maximum energy production and nice visual design quality.” 

Dutch Solar Design

The Dutch Solar Design PV-modules, are developed by the research consortium Dutch Solar Design, formed by ECN  part of TNO, architectural office UNStudio/ UNSense, printing specialist TS Visuals, the Design Innovation Group, façade specialist Aldowa and the research team Urban Technology of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA). For the market introduction and sales of the product the Solar Visuals Ltd. was founded and its shareholders are TNO, TS Visuals and UNSense.

During the Dutch Design Week (20th – 28th of October) the panels will be presented at Klokgebouw (adress: Klokgebouw 50, 5617 AB Eindhoven) Hall 3, Stand 3.05.