News - 23 October 2018

Solar Visuals launched at Dutch Design Week

Rooted in UNStudio's research, Solar Visuals will creates a revolutionary, energy producing cladding material that can transform buildings into batteries.

During this year's Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, a new company, Solar Visuals will be launched. This startup, founded by our arch tech sister company UNSense, TNO and printing specialist TS Visuals introduces a revolutionary new cladding material that combines high production of solar energy with visual design aesthetics. The application of this cladding material in the façades and surfaces of buildings creates opportunities for energy production in the built environment on a large scale. With this technology buildings in the future will become batteries that provide the energy needed for their own use and more. Their full-colour design prints make the Solar Visuals panels not only smart and efficient but also visually attractive.

Making cities and buildings climate neutral by 2030

Solar Visuals fills a gap in the existing market of traditional solar panels. With the Paris Climate Agreement, the building industry will be confronted with huge challenges: in order to create a built environment that is energy neutral by 2030, 7 million houses and 1 million buildings in the Netherlands will need to be renovated and equipped with solar panels so that they can provide their own energy. This will have a huge visual impact on the built environment and demands new products and building integrated solutions like Solar Visuals.

Visit Solar Visuals at Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven

During Dutch Design Week (20th – 28th of October) Solar Visuals Ltd will be officially launched. The Solar Visuals panels and the results of the research by Dutch Solar Design will be shown during this week at Klokgebouw (adress: Klokgebouw 50, 5617 AB Eindhoven) Hall 3, Stand 3.05. A Solar Visuals installation cam be found at a square in front of the Klokgebow, where the graphic quality of the material can be fully experienced.
Solar Visuals is rooted in research produced by UNStudio, along with Dutch Solar Design consortium members TNO, TS Visuals, the Design Innovation Group, façade specialist Aldowa and the research team Urban Technology of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA).