News - 4 November 2018

Technology, Design, Health and the Hyperhuman: Filippo Lodi talks at MAB

Across all scales, from an urban or infrastructural scale down to product design, every design choice has an impact on our health and well-being. With a digital layer added to the mix, the repercussions of these design choices become even greater. If approach from a holistic perspective however, tech integration into design can relieve stress, help us become physically fit and improve well-being in the workplace.

In his talk "Technology, Design, Health and the Hyperhuman", Filippo Lodi will discuss these impacts that technology will have on our daily lives as it becomes more and more integrated and embedded into our environments.

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Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
No.8 Hua Jia Di Nan St., Chao Yang District, Beijing, P. R. China, Zip: 100102


Friday November 16, 2018