News - 22 November 2018

UNS Talks About the Circular Economy

What is a circular construction strategy?

How can digital solutions help the transition to a circular economy?

What does a circular city really look like?

To hear the answers to these questions, and to discuss the sustainable future of the built environment, listen in live on Facebook and Instagram to the next installment of UNS Talks.

At an event running parallel to the World Architecture Festival, UNStudio will be hosting Joke Duformont and Ben Kubbinga from the Cities and Built Environment Programmes of Circle Economy: an Amsterdam based social enterprise that accelerates circular economic initiatives. The Cities Programme has develop roadmaps with cities like Amsterdam, Glasgow, Bilbao and the province of Noord Holland that help them make the circular leap. The Built Environment Programme works to create a ‘living’ system in which building materials and products are optimally used and reused— a system that operates within the boundaries of our planet, preserves the value of resources, and ensures the wellbeing of inhabitants.

Join us at 4PM CET on November 27th, when Joke and Ben will answer questions like:

- How can we kick start a city’s circular journey?
- How much of the world is actually circular?
- What circular strategies are advisable for architectural and interior design, as well as urban planning?
- How can digital solutions help the transition to a circular economy?
- What public policies would trigger a circular transition?
- How do different approaches to material use create circular dissimilarities between China and Europe?

Join the livestream on Facebook or Instagram.