News - 9 November 2018

Caroline Bos discusses Architecture & Instagram at the World Architecture Festival

Join Caroline Bos at the World Architecture Festival, for a discussion about social media, instagrammable design, and the democratisation of architectural imagery.

Caroline Bos joins Ippolito Pestellini of OMA, and Andres Ramirez of Plane_Site to discuss the effect, influence and participatory potential of social media within the built environment.

"Architecture is increasingly flattened into two-dimensional images, given a tagline and circulated online instantly by thousands of social media users. The distinction between the built and virtual is blurring, as our encounters with the built environment are increasingly digital. This itinerant imagery turns buildings into memes that may be rich in meaning, but lacking in architectural value. The culture of the ‘Instagrammable’ presents challenges and opportunities for the discipline of architecture and its future, which this panel will explore according to three overarching themes: the participatory, the algorithmic and the discursive."

Join Caroline at the Festival Stage Hall, at 10.45 on November the 28th.