News - 22 November 2018

Watch our mini documentary on Arnhem Central Station: "A Celebration of Travel"

We designed Arnhem Central Station with the idea of the celebration of traveling. This week we celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the station.

A good moment to look back on this milestone project and to check out the daily life in and around this transfer hub!

The Arnhem Station was designed 20 years ago to go beyond the classical train station and even after so many years that is still the case.

Ben van Berkel: ‘It’s a transfer hub designed to stimulate public transport, a theatrical space where daylight plays the most important role. “

Curious to know how travelers experience and use the building on a daily basis? Check out the whole mini-documentary we made in collaboration with Dutch video makers Bwefar&De Boer: ‘A Celebration of Travel’.