UNStudio at ThingsCon 2018 UNStudio at ThingsCon 2018
News - 5 November 2018

UNStudio at ThingsCon 2018


Join us at ThingsCon this Friday in Rotterdam! ThingsCon is a conference that focuses on how we can ensure that technology is used in an ethical way and is guided towards solving the problems—such as increasing diversity, sustainability, and connection—facing modern society.

UNSense’s Ren Yee, head of innovation and forecasting, will be giving a keynote presentation concerning how to make architectural spaces healthier and more interactive and how we can make a conscious effort to ‘humanize’ the built environment.

Fillipo Lodi, head of innovation and knowledge forecasting at UNStudio, will be participating in the Architects vs. Platforms panel where he will be giving a short presentation as a representative of UNStudio and our knowledge department. His speech will focus on how architects and other players in urban development are now taking a defining role in the development of smart cities.

You can find out more information about ThingsCon here and see the program here: https://thingscon.org/program-2018/