News - 17 December 2018

Watch live as the TBC Forum breaks ground in Tblisi

Our design for the TBC Forum - a new open, flexible and interactive approach to financial institutions - breaks ground in Tbilisi today.

Watch live on Facebook as the the new TBC headquarters breaks ground on the hills of Tblisi. Strategically placed on the hills outside the Georgian capital city, the location of the new TBC headquarters acts as a key driver for the forum's design. The forum draws inspiration from local examples in which nature and architecture are brought together, such as the Shatili Village in Upper Khevsureti.

Within the natural setting of the Lisi Lake resort, the TBC Forum merges work, culture and nature and becomes an integrated part of a green journey from the Georgian capital through the local landscape and vineyards.

Read more about our designs for the TBC Forum.

Watch live on Facebook as the TBC Forum Breaks ground.