News - 19 December 2018

UNStudio introduces kids to architecture at the IMC Weekendschool

Over the three weeks in November and December, UNStudio was involved at the IMC Weekendschool—a school for children from around the world who are integrating into the Netherlands. The IMC Weekendschool organizes after-school lessons with different organizations and this year several employees at the studio joined together to introduce 17 children (from ages 10 to 13) to Architecture.

Over three sessions, our architects gave the children different lessons that lead towards the design of their own ‘garden-house’.
The first session focused on one of the first steps in the design process: the sketch. By contrasting pictures of well-known buildings to the sketches and models, we gave an idea of what goes into an architectural sketch. We then helped them create sketches and moodboards for their own house. The second lesson focused on fleshing out the designs and building the models. And finally, for the third lesson we finished the models and created a city by combining the models together.
From football field interiors to cloud structures, the designed presented were truly innovative and inventive.