News - 26 February 2019

UNStudio and Monopol Colors develop 'The Coolest White' Paint

UNStudio has partnered with Monopol Colors to develop ‘The Coolest White’, an ultra-durable paint that protects buildings and urban structures from excessive solar radiation – thus slowing down the urban heat island effect.

The paint is based on fluoropolymer technology. It has long lasting and ultra-durable properties that prolong the lifecycle of the coating up to 30 years. The multilayered coating system was developed for high-quality metallic facade elements and aluminium, steel or fiberglass structures.

The Coolest White provides not only remarkable protection against corrosion, but also achieves a TSR value which sets entirely new standards. (TSR stands for ‘Total Solar Reflectance’, which, in simplified terms, designates the powers of resistance of a coating to the effects of sunlight.)

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Technical Data Sheet

TSR Measurements

Abrasion Resistance Test