News - 26 February 2019

Watch Ben van Berkel's talk: Architecture as a Service at The Berlage


What does the city of the future look like? How can we use data collection to design healthy and human-centric environments? What will local and urban food production look like in ten years? The digital revolution has brought about many and varied changes to our lives, yet not to the built environment. It is time that we use technology to make our environments more human-centric, safer, more social, and healthier. In his lecture at The Berlage in TU Delft, Ben van Berkel speculates about “architecture as a service;” the built environment and its digital twin; and presents a number of scenarios that outline how sensor technology, developments in mobility and food production could change our urban regions.

The Berlage Sessions is a thematic lecture series focusing on scholarly research and critical approaches to contemporary architecture and urban design. Speakers link architectural thinking and practice to the history of ideas and changing sociocultural conditions. The spring 2019 term series is entitled “Smart, Smarter, Smartest” and explores pioneering adventures and misadventures with technology in spatial planning, building projects, and urban design.

Watch the full recorded lecture here.