News - 27 March 2019

Join us in Milan! UNStudio at Salone del Mobile 2019

At this year’s Salone del Mobile in Milan the UNStudio Futures team will once again team up with Swiss furniture brand USM to design their 'Making Places' stand: a playful installation that investigates 'a third space' between home and work. Also, Spanish furniture brand Ondarreta will be presenting the SILU Chair and Table designed by Ben van Berkel / UNStudio, while Ahrend will be presenting three versions of the new protoype for the 'UNSwivel' chair. UNStudio will also be curating a series of architectural talks for Deltalight and attending the 2019 Milano Hackathon.

Shaping the third space between home and work with USM

The UNStudio Futures team and USM have been working together since 2017, exploring the changes taking place within the world of work. Last year the ‘HomeWork’ stand at the Salone del Mobile, designed by UNStudio, received, among others, the Frame Award for Trade-fair Stand of the Year.

This year we have teamed up again to create the 'Making Places' installation.
Where is the boundary between home and work today? Over the past year USM and UNStudio have been looking for it. What we’ve found instead is a third space emerging between the two - co-workspaces, cafés, hotel lobbies and libraries - where we work collectively alongside people we don’t know.

A third space focuses on providing the conditions for humans to thrive. But what exactly are these conditions? We’ve identified four: growing, learning, reflecting and meeting. And with Making Places we demonstrate how the USM Haller system can be used to make these, simply by adding a few extra ingredients....

Join us in: Hall 20, booth A07/B06

SILU Chair & Table for Ondarreta

Spanish furniture brand Ondarreta will be presenting the SILU Chair and Table combination designed by Ben van Berkel / UNStudio.

For SILU, UNStudio and Ondarreta have fused traditional wood bending techniques and technical know-how with contemporary design. As such, SILU plays with functional ergonomic surfaces that dynamically transform into structural frame components. In SILU smooth transitions are made between sharp angles and soft curves and all pieces are made from wood sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Location: Hall 6 / Stand D49

UNSwivel for Ahrend

Ahrend will be presenting three versions of the new prototype for the UNSwivel Chair in Milan this year. 

UNSwivel, designed by Ben van Berkel / UNStudio in cooperation with Ahrend, is a dynamic work environment that combines different ways of working in one piece of furniture.

The dynamic workspace consists of a chair, screen and side table. The screen can rotate 360 degrees around the seat, while the table can be placed to the left or right side of the chair. Such flexibility facilitates different activities during the work day, such as meetings, carrying out concentrated work, or bilateral consultations, each of which have their own requirements in terms of acoustics, privacy and posture.

Presentation at the Architect's Breakfast

This year Ben van Berkel will be giving a presentation on Vitalising Workspaces, followed by a Q&A with Jeroen Junte at the special yearly Salone event ‘The Architect’s Breakfast’, which takes place on Wednesday 10th April.
The Architects’ Breakfast is an initiative by Masterly and Royal Ahrend.

Location: Palazzo Francesco Turati / Via Meravigli 7 Milan
Time: 9:30 – 11:00 (by invitation only)

Architectural Talks Delta Light, curated by UNStudio

On Wednesday April 10th UNSknowledge is curating an evening of talks entitled ‘Light beyond Light’ for Delta Light.

With so many designers and architects gathered in Milan, we invited two speakers from different backgrounds to speak about the role of light in their work: Saskia Beer, a Dutch urban development entrepreneur and consultant, and Rogier van der Zwaag, a visual artist and filmmaker.
UNSknowledge will moderate Saskia and Rogier’s talks and host a short panel after the presentation to engage the public in a conversation about using light as a medium for communication and inclusivity beyond its functional purpose.

Location: Delta Light’s Tortona showroom at Via Gaspare Bugatti, 15
Time: 17:30 – 19:30

UNStudio attends Hackathon 2019

UNStudio is participating in the 2019 Hackathon on Tuesday April 9th-Friday April 12th. This year's Hackathon, entitled 'Designing the Future Data Centric City' will explore the rise of Datavironments, a future form of cityscape that integrates Mobile Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality into the communal lifestyle. The workshop will also propose unique and inspiring solutions to 'what the city of future will look like' through a series of design competitions.

The 2019 Hackathon, is an initiative by Dassault Systèmes as a part of Dassault Systèmes Worldwide Conference for Sustainable Innovation.

Location: Superstudio Più, Via Tortona, 27, 20144 Milano MI, Italy
Date/Time: April 9-12 2019, 09:00-20:00