3D Software Hackathon at Milan Design Week

Dassault Systemes invited UNStudio to join a ‘Hackathon’ held at Superstudio Group during the 2019 Milan Design Week. The aim of the hackathon was to introduce and push the boundaries of Dassault Systemes’ web-based 3D modeling BIM software, by producing a vision of Milan as a ‘datavironment’ – saturated with and shaped by the massive amounts of data we produce today.

Dassault Systemes challenged 25 designers from Zaha Hadid, KKAA, foster+partner, Morphosis, Shop, Coarchitects, Zahner, CODA, Viatechnik, Cadmakers, Slik, Omax and Speedinvest to “propose unique and inspiring solutions to what the city of the future will look like.” Sitou Akolly, Junior Computational Designer, took up the challenge and represented the Computation group within UNStudio’s Knowledge team.

Of the many apps available on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, the participants primarily worked within four web-based design environments:

  • xShape (subdivision modeling)
  • xDesign (conceptual cad modeling)
  • xGenerative Design (procedural modeling)
  • 3DEXPERIENCity (Virtual 3D Map of cities + GIS data integration)

Each environment is accessed by simply dragging their icon onto the 3DEXPERIENCE dashboard (see interface below).

The 3DEXPERIENCE interface operates with assemblies (components) which is a depository space for different parties' models and personal work. Each assembly is tagged with the collaborator’s profile and can only be accessed or changed if given permission to or saved under a different name.

Projects’ definition can be fully model-based, with full digital continuity from engineering to manufacturing to enterprise, and essential software IP is exposed into the configured product definition. This enables a smooth collaboration and an easily traceable authors and various changes during a project.

Each of five teams presented to a jury of 3D software experts. The criteria for best proposal were based on full assimilation of the software, strength of concept, tools used, and data narrative.

UNStudio Team: Sitou Akolly