News - 21 May 2019

Marianthi Tatari discusses the Future of Gender in Spatial Design at Het Nieuwe Instituut

What do changing gender roles, practices and identities mean for the design workplace and for the construction of the built environment?

The Center for the Advancement of Masculine Practices (CAMP) is an initiative by environmental psychologist Adeola Enigbokan and spatial strategist Gavan Blau whose aim is to find ways of decentering masculinity within architectural practices. Architecture CAMP brings together educators, practitioners, and thought leaders to consider the future of gender in the built environment. The evening will consist of a panel discussion with leading gender theorists and architects followed by group discussions where questions raised in the panel will be discussed further, and issues for further research will be flagged. The objective of the evening will be to identify industry trends, and find out what skills, attitudes and practices are needed to develop inclusive, non-binary spatial designs. The evening will be hosted by Adeola Enigbokan and Gavan Blau with contributions from Marianthi Tatari (UNStudio) Arna Mackic (Studio LA), Gabriel A. Maher, and Pamela Prickett (University of Amsterdam).

Queering Architecture, Het Nieuwe Instituut

This session is part of a larger initiative at Het Nieuwe Instituut to address the body, sexuality and the construction of gender for the development of inclusive approaches in the practice of architecture and urban planning. The aim of these initiatives is also to celebrate examples of architectures that embrace fluid identities and accommodate processes of becoming, as an act of resistance in the search for possibilities and spaces that allow different forms of coexistence.

Location: Het Nieuwe Instituut, Museumpark 25, 6th Floor, Rotterdam

Time: May 23rd, 19.30

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