News - 21 May 2019

Kristoph Novak discusses Liveable Architecture at ROMA Architekturtag

At the 100-year history of Bauhaus, the ROMA Architekturtag is a day that reflects on the transformation of architecture (specifically related to the impact of the Ulm School of Design) while also looking forward to understand where and how transformations will manifest themselves in the future. With a primary interest in shaping German society after World War II, the Ulm School of Design had a goal to make Germany a peaceful, democratic and "liveable" society through urban planning and well-designed products. What does “liveable” architecture now mean in today’s context? What will it mean in the future? Join Kristoph Nowak on June 6th to hear our perspective.

Kristoph Nowak is a Senior Architect and Associate at UNStudio. Over the past years Kristoph has been involved in many large scale projects and several of UNStudio’s key projects, including the Arnhem Central Station Transfer Hall in the Netherlands, the Centre for Virtual Engineering (ZVE) in Stuttgart, Germany and the King David the Builder Airport in Kutaisi, Georgia, where he played a key role during all project phases.

Location: ROMA Forum / HfG Ulm

Time: 15:25 June 6th

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