News - 7 June 2019

Ben van Berkel joins the Media Architecture Talk at The Doodle Bar

How can architecture, media and interactive design work together?

Join our Founder and Principal Architect Ben van Berkel with Alice Britton of Squint Opera and Ava Fata gen. Schieck of the Bartlett School of Architecture for Media Architecture Talks, moderated by Marcus Fairs of Dezeen.

The talk will explore how practitioners of media architecture are turning the built environment into a platform for communication, entertainment and art by integrating media displays into architectural structures. The panellists will discuss how people experience and are affected by media architecture, its impact on the wider practice of architecture, and whether it can influence the identity of a city.

The talk takes place at The Doodle Bar in Bermondsey, a venue designed and operated by Squint/Opera.

When? 10 July 2019, 18:30

Where? The Doodle Bar, 60 Druid St., London

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