Event - 24 October 2019

UNStudio at ACADIA 2019

Join us at ACADIA 2019 as we explore the real impact of the digital design process

Held at the University of Austin this year, ACADIA is a conference facilitating communication and critical thinking related to the digital design process in architecture, planning and building science. This year’s theme focuses on the inextricable link between analog and digital processes and its consequences.

Keynote from Harlen Miller

Harlen Miller, Senior Associate and Design Architect, will give a keynote lecture at the conference, discussing the impact that tectonic shifts in technology is having - and will have - for architects and design professions. Given Harlen’s parallel involvement with Human Resource management, he will explore what shifts in education, the building industry and technology will mean for recruitment, and for training the next-generation designers who are entering the workforce.

Workshop on Digital Tailoring, Form-Fitting Bizarre and Provocative Typologies

Harlen, along with Architect Alexander Kalachev, will host a workshop session to explore the converging boundaries between architecture and couture fashion by demonstrating the latest digital workflows for generating, rationalizing, and fabricating apparel, shoes, jewelry, and body modification. They will be covering a variety of topics, from advanced geometry rationalization, to computational UV pattern application and manual polygonal modeling techniques that allow for smooth mesh previewing without the use of subdivision software’s or plugins.



24-26 October, 2019


The University of Texas, Austin, Texas

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