News - 28 October 2019

Filippo Lodi on Façade and Digital Design Technologies at ZAK Conference

Join Filippo at the 72nd global edition of Zak World of Façades 2019 at Bangaluru as we explore how technology is used to support purposeful design.

Fillipo, the Head of UNStudio’s research unit UNSKnowledge, will provide an insight into questions pertaining to façade and digital design technologies, touching upon the future of BIM, the adaptability of 10D design process and the role of sensorial technologies. Specifically, Filippo will be discussing how purposeful designs push circularity in all its forms, looking into solutions such as renovating existing buildings, closing the loop of energy production and consumption in masterplans (like UNStudio’s and developing climate-adaptive products, like the Coolest White coating.


Conrad Bengaluru, Bangalore Urban, India


November 8th, 2019