News - 16 September 2019

Alice Haugh speaks at the House of Beautiful Business 2019

Join Alice at the House of Beautiful Business in Lisbon for two sessions on the future of community and co-operative space.

The House of Beautiful Business is a global think tank and community that focuses on developing and shaping positive links and visions for technology, business and humanity. At this year’s five-day-long flagship event in Lisbon, Alice, our in-house futurist will discuss the future of community, specifically touching upon the urgent need to recognize the intelligence of non-human agents, both natural and artificial, in our current conception of communities. She will also be speaking about co-operative space, looking at the differences between building produced by individual clients and those produced by co-operatives, such as co-workspaces, co-living, and public spaces, in addition to discussing the potentials of technology in this aspect.

Where: Academy of Sciences, Lisbon

When: November 5th, 17:00 onwards

Follow: #houseofbeautifulbusiness

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