News - 4 October 2019

Arjan Dingsté speaks at the Cultural Forum in St. Petersburg

Join Arjan Dingste in St. Petersbrug

At the Radiant City discussion during the Dutch Cultural Forum, Director and Senior Architect Arjan Dingsté will have a talk on “Future proofing the Future”. In his talk, Arjan will illustrate the hard and soft data that UNStudio is availing of in our creative design processes to future proof the unknown future to come

The following panel discussion of leading representatives of creative industries of the Netherlands will be based on the principle of multidisciplinarity to provide an opportunity to rethink possible ways of city environment adaptation.

Participants of the discussion will share experience in field of integration of the latest technologies and use of solar power in modern architectural solutions; they will speak on their experience of interaction with the cutting-edge developments and the opportunities provided by science in the 21st century.


12.30 Nov. 13th


Manege Central Exhibition Hall St. Isaac's sq., 1, St. Petersburg

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